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Single Jumper                           Family Fun Pass 
(Must include 1 Adult)
1 hour pass:  $12.75                                                                                       Family of (4)  $33.95 (In store purchase only)
2 hour pass:  $21.00
3 hour pass:  $27.00

Toddler TimeEvery M-F 10 AM-1 PM (Open to all Ages, 6 & Under receive Toddler Time pass good until 1 PM)
Toddler Pass    $7.50 (tx incl) or $9.50 with an adult 
*2 and under free with $7.50 Adult admission.

Friday Frendzy (Every Friday) $17.00 (tx incl)    Teen Night  (Every Saturday) $17.00 (tx incl)  
Jump Pass valid from 6 PM- 9 PM only                                       Jump Pass valid from 7 PM- 10 PM only
(Open to ALL ages 7 & Up eligible)                                             (Open to All ages 13 & Up eligible)

College Night  (Every Monday-Thur) $12.00 (tx incl)
Jump Pass valid from 7 PM-9 PM only (requires valid college ID)

                                Seasonal Promotions:
5th Quarter" - (Friday Night) $10.00 (tx incl)                           "Hump Day" - (Wednesday)  $10.00 (tx incl) 
Jump Pass valid from 9 PM- 11PM only                                         2 HR Jump Pass 
(Open to ALL ages 14 & Up eligible)                                                 (Open to ALL ages)

 "Tag Tuesday" - (Tuesdays) $2.00 OFF
$2.00 off any Jump Pass Purchase just
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The Ultimate Party Place

The Ultimate Party Place: Next time you're booking a party or event, think of Altitude Trampoline Park. We offer several exciting  party packages. We make a great gift too. Gift certificates are available for purchase.  Altitude Trampoline Park can accommodate large groups up to 550, call and we will help you book your event 501-353-1281.